Our Approach

Our clients have complex needs that require our full understanding and a wide range of sophisticated solutions.

Sterling’s goal is to learn as much as possible about the needs of our clients. We ask a lot of questions.

In assessing each situation, we consider such factors as investment goals, risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon, tax requirements and any other unique circumstances a client may have.

Following a comprehensive review of a client's objectives, we can develop a tailored solution to meet those needs.

Sophisticated, affluent clients and institutions benefit most from a disciplined, long-term investment process.

After our initial assessment, we develop an investment policy that outlines the client's objectives and proposes the investment techniques we’ll use to realize those goals.

Above all, we want to ensure that the client is comfortable with the investment policy before it is implemented.

A successful investment policy includes asset allocation recommendations designed to provide diversification—one of the best tools for maximizing returns while managing risk and reducing volatility.

Effective asset allocation requires strategic thinking, diversification and a thorough knowledge of all tax implications.

Sterling's individualized asset allocation recommendations are based on the following beliefs:

  • Asset allocation is a dynamic process
  • Maintaining a global perspective is key
  • Having a client-driven approach is paramount

Our objectives are to deliver strong investment returns over full market cycles, participate in rising markets while mitigating downside risk, and deliver returns that exceed stated benchmarks and our peers.

Every portfolio we build is fully customized to meet each investor’s unique set of objectives and constraints.

After the asset allocation has been determined, Sterling Advisors works with clients to identify the nuances of their portfolios, such as income requirements and client-mandated restrictions.

These identified characteristics will allow the portfolio manager to construct an approach that will be uniquely crafted for the individual client.

To optimize performance, we continually monitor and refine the holdings within each portfolio.

Sterling Advisors maintains a robust and experienced team of portfolio managers and analysts who combine fundamental research and economic insight to construct portfolios that participate in market opportunities while focusing on long-term preservation of capital.

Our team draws from a wide variety of research sources and combines those findings with their own proprietary analysis to identify securities that meet the criteria for inclusion in our portfolios.

We recognize that market fluctuations are unpredictable and our clients’ portfolios must be continually examined. While we do not believe in market timing, we do periodically rebalance portfolios to maintain our asset allocation targets.

In addition, clients’ circumstances often change, necessitating a modification in investment policy. We make certain that such adjustments are implemented smoothly and monitored consistently.

Communication is critical to a successful client relationship, and our team is available and accessible at all times.

Periodic adjustments to the client's portfolio keep asset allocation percentages properly aligned with the objectives in the Investment Policy Statement.

Steps include:

  • Review of the Investment Policy Statement to determine whether any changes to the outlined objectives or guidelines are warranted
  • Review of the asset allocation and investment strategies that are utilized in the portfolio
  • Periodic review of portfolio performance
  • Review of various administrative items such as cash flow, taxes and reporting formats
  • Presentation of any recommended changes to the portfolio

This process takes the emotion out of investing and objectively maintains the portfolio to ensure that the client's allocations remain true to the targeted asset allocation strategy.