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Sterling Advisors offers the following strategies for separately managed accounts, which are actively managed by our seasoned team of portfolio managers. Additionally, portfolio customization is offered to meet the needs of clients with unique goals and risk profiles.

Large Cap Value

The Large Cap Value Strategy utilizes a bottom-up quantitative screening process to identify individual equity securities displaying relative value vs. industry group peers. Portfolio Managers then evaluate macro-economic trends and other qualitative factors to construct a diversified portfolio of 40-50 holdings. The Strategy does not use mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, or foreign securities.

Large Cap Core

The Large Cap Core Strategy is an equity portfolio that begins with an in depth top-down macroeconomic analysis. Portfolio Managers then make sector allocation decisions, followed by researching and selecting individual securities. The Strategy features an above market dividend yield and emphasizes securities with defensive fundamental characteristics, proven management teams, and the tendency to outperform in down markets. Participation in bull markets with protection in bear markets is the primary objective of this all-equity strategy.

Fixed Income

The Fixed Income Strategy selects individual Treasury, Agency, and Corporate debt securities in an effort to provide investors with safe and reliable income. Credit quality and duration or securities are carefully evaluated given our philosophy of using fixed income securities to protect wealth and generate income in any interest-rate environment. The Strategy buys only investment grade securities and can be customized to individual income needs and risk tolerance.


We strive to provide competitive investment returns for every client, by constantly monitoring existing holdings and introducing new positions when opportunities exist.


Sterling Advisors is a division of BB&T Securities, LLC. Member FINRA(opens in a new tab)/SIPC(opens in a new tab). A Registered Investment Advisor. BB&T Securities, LLC is a wholly owned nonbank subsidiary of Truist Financial Corporation. Securities and insurance products or annuities sold, offered or recommended by Sterling Advisors are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank, not insured by any federal government agency and may lose value. To learn more about the regulatory and financial services background of the firm and its current associates, please visit FINRA BrokerCheck(opens in a new tab).

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